Times of transition

God is present at every moment of our lives, when we are born, in the moments when we commit ourselves to one another, and even at the hour of our death. Please read about how we might be present to you at some of those important times in your life.


Baptism is a sacred moment where God’s Grace is expressed, our commitment to a life of faith is made, and we become more deeply involved with the body of Christ that is the Church. If you are thinking about baptism for yourself or for your child we invite you to join us in worship on a Sunday and speak to our minister afterwards to begin to look at the possibilities for how we might share with you as a church in this time of celebration and commitment.



Marriage can be one of the deepest expressions of love in our world, and it reflects the deep love that God shares with humanity. Weddings in the context of the church honour the love between two people, the support between the couple and the wider community, and the compassion between God and the world. If you are interested in getting married at CAPC we invite you to join us in worship on a Sunday and speak to our minister Eric Lukacs afterwards to arrange a meeting.



In the time of death of a loved one it is our hope to be with you as you grieve and to offer you comfort and support. We believe that Christ is with you and with your loved one in life, and in death, and in life beyond death. The funeral can often be a time to grieve loss, to remember, and also to celebrate the life of the one who has died. Please call us (450 263 0204) to let us know how we can be of support to you and so that you can plan with our minister this sacred moment where we entrust the life of your loved one to the compassionate care of God.